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The Training For Ultra Podcast

Jan 18, 2020

Great hearing Hilary Matheson's story!  She is a truly inspiring and talented person.

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Training For Ultra - Audiobook on Audible!

Jan 11, 2020

Great time hearing from an awesome ultra runner and one of the first two golden ticket winners of 2020, Alex Nichols.  Watch out for this guy during WS100.  Enjoy!

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Training For Ultra - Audiobook on Audible!

Jan 7, 2020

My Across the Years Race Recap.  Big thank you to the show co-host for this episode, Britany Cornett who was great on crew!

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Training For Ultra - Audiobook on Audible!

Dec 31, 2019

The Lost Interview w/ Lucja Leonard.  Excited to release an episode that was almost lost.  I really enjoyed the conversation and thought it was already released! (that was close).  I'm inspired by Lucja, enjoy the episode.

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Training For...

Dec 26, 2019

Ashley Druve interviews me for his new podcast Run Walk Crawl (see link below). Ashley is one of the most inspiring ultra runners in the world and it is always wonderful to chat with him.  To hear his story, checkout my episode 88!

Run Walk Crawl - Ashley's Podcast